Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hair cuts!

Curtis got his first formal hair cut. I don't know if his hair grows faster, there's more of it, is thinner, has less texture or if my tolerance for ugly, home-cut hair has decreased since Brock, but this is way sooner than Brock's first hair cut. He was more like 14 months, Curtis is only 11.

Anyway, this experience, was yet another event that demonstrates the difference in demeanor between these 2 boys. With Brock, I basically had him in a strong hold the ENTIRE hair cut. It was torturous for both baby and mama. Curtis? Happily sat in the chair. ALONE. Maybe tried to turn around to see what was going on every so often, but other then that, perfectly content in his little car. I mean, Curtis is still a curious little guy, just not as, umm, persistent as Brock. I had to hold him while they used the clippers around the ears...more for safety reasons than anything else.

In fact, come to think of it, I still gave way more attention to Brock, who was simultaneously get his hairs did. I had to watch, coax, calm and bribe Brock to sit still nearly the entire time. He is now nearly 3 years old! At least the two of them balance one another out.
And I have to be honest, I am hoping #3 swings a little bit on the Curtis side of life. You can never have too many happy, content, loving babies. Right?

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