Friday, October 7, 2011

Hump Day

I am officially 20 weeks (and one day now). Therefore over the hump!

I love life. I generally NEVER want it to go by quickly. When I really think about the fact that my first born is nearly 3, it makes me a bit sad. I've loved every stage of his relatively short little life, but it needs to SLOW DOWN. My second kiddo is going to be one in a month. What!? Stop. Stop. Stop. But when I realized that I was already 20 weeks pregnant, I in no way wished that would change. As far as I am concerned, 9 months of pregnancy CANNOT go by fast enough. Ever.

That being said. I can't complain about number 3 one bit. The reason this pregnancy is flying by (in combination with my ridiculous workload) is because I hardly even notice the little jumping bean in my belly. There is a hint of indigestion. An iota of restless legs. A whiff of nausea. Some negligable lower back and abdominal pain. And a lot of random flutters and even a few teeny tiny kicks I can feel from the outside now! I can safely say it now. It's been long enough. This pregnancy is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, like the first two. If it was going to get bad, it would have done it 10 weeks ago. I mean, I know I will have the unavoidable 3rd trimester discomforts (unless I miraculously have a 6 pounder) but, wow. Now I know how some women sincerely don't mind pregnancy. And the relief from the unbearable, awful, no good, very bad symptoms, has also made me significantly less emotional. Still a lot worse than baseline (if I even know what that is anymore), but instead of crying 2-5 times a week, it's more like 2-5 times a trimester; compared to 2-5 times a decade non-pregnant.

As I help mom's deliver their babies, day in and day out, I can't help but be reminded that I will be in these ladies' position (no pun intended) one day very soon. In the span of 5 minutes, I go from thinking, do I seriously have to go through this again? While helping mom push. To thinking, I cannot wait to go through this again! When I see that little baby being placed on mommy's tummy and they meet for the first time.

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