Friday, December 28, 2012

Cards, Cards, Everywhere are Cards.

When Almar Printing contacted me to inform me of my finish Christmas postcards, my night suddenly became awesome. I texted Matt to inform him of our new evening plans.  I would sit, sip some wine and address my #120 postcards (well, 94, I still have a few to send out...) while he editted some of my sisters wedding photos. I love snail mail. I love sending it. I love receiving it.  Most of all, I love creating it.  It feels so much better to send something you consider to be your own work of art.  Or, in this case, a vision fulfilled by an excellent, creative, one-of-a-kind photographer.

Three years ago, we decided to have a family portrait taken for us.  I had long wanted a photo to embody the chaos that is our daily life. Matt thought no one better to do it than Chris Mullins.  It turned out so spectacularly, we decided to send it out as a Christmas Postcard.  This card remains legendary. It precedes us. To this day, we meet friends of friends, who know us by our Christmas card, despite having never met.  That.  Is exactly what I hope for, everytime I send out some mail. 
I often regret having set such a steep precedent for my Christmas cards.  I did not intentionally create this tradition.  There is no "wow" factor when something awesome is always expected.  I do like that it forces us to take a professional family photo each year, that truly captures and displays our daily lives.  I have plenty of that other, family posing, smiling at the camera, looking all put together and perfect crap...

...and you will just have to deal with more of it.  Until next year.  Cheers!

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