Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas it is!

I always thought Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday.  And, I am thinking it truly was for a long time.  Growing up a few blocks from the Plaza in a good-size home allowed for tons of family members, and a great meeting place for all of my friends to walk to see the Plaza lighting.  But somewhere between my Junior Year of high school, and today, Christmas has taken the lead. I am inclined to say it's the arrival of kids.  Or the purchase of a home.  Or having a significant other that you really adore and love.  Or the sending out of what became a legendary Christmas postcard (which I somewhat regret). Or the hosting of a Christmas party with all my best friends and then some for 7 years running.  Or all of the above.  Either way, it happened slowly and without warning.

Our 7th Annual O'Laughlin Ugly Christmas Sweater Party went off without a hitch last night.  Great attendees.  Good food.  Fun.  Hilarity. And an awesome apron that I found at Tuesday morning. The kids until about 9pm, then were kindly swept away by their Mimi & Papa.  Except George, who promptly went to bed at 8pm and slept through the debauchery.  As Matt and I went to bed just before 2am, I said, "Thank goodness we have no kids here to worry about."  And he says, "Well, except George."  To which I replied, "Well, ya. I guess.  But he really doesn't count, he's a baby.  One baby might as well be no kids."  Ha!  Back when we had one baby, he hung around at the party for an hour. I was stressed the whole time. I couldn't wait for my mother to take him.  Everyone who has only one baby thinks it is a burden, time consuming, and somewhat stressful.  This quickly changes with the addition of more.
Mostly, I love that people can rely on this party as a meeting place.  All the out-of-towners know that this party is happening.  They know that when they come back to Kansas City for a short holiday stay they have an opportunity to see all their friends in one setting, on one night.  Many come here before then heading out to the bars. No more planning or scheduling necessary.  I also love having the "first-timers". I love sharing my home and friends and family.  I enjoy them all so much, it seems selfish to keep them to myself. And though we did not get the photobooth up and running this year (it's guaranteed next I should have more time off, finally) it was still a classic. Cheers!

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