Monday, March 4, 2013

Easy Targets.

Kids are such easy targets.  They get blamed for just about everything, because they do most of it.  Tonight, when I walked into the boys room for the bedtime ritual, I noticed some clothes in the trash can.  I immediately, point it out and ask who did it.  To which, Brock replied, without hesitation and very matter-of-fact-ly, "Curtis did."  I instantly believed him, but asked him to put them in the dirty clothes hamper for me, he happily complied. Weird.  Anyway, as I watched him carry a pair of navy socks with an orange stripe, then a navy t-shirt, then another navy t-shirt, then one argyle sock, it occurred to me.  How strange?  Those were the exact 5 items I picked up and put in the dirty hamper not 20 minutes ago.  Or, did I put them in the hamper?  Perhaps, I, the mom, the accuser, am the one that put them in the trash can by mistake!  The 2 receptacles are close in proximity.  They are both circular.  They are both mesh in style. But I have zero recollection of where I actually placed the items.  No clue.  Signs are pointing to me.  Afterall, what 2 year old stops after pulling only 5 items from the hamper and transferring them to the trash can.  Generally, 2-year-olds are all or nothing kind of kids. Can't have a gummy bear?  Then I am going to scream about it for 20 minutes.  Can have a gummy bear?  I am giggly and happy as a peach. You know how it goes.  Looks as thought baby brain may have struck again.  Not sure how much more of this our family can tolerate.  Hopefully, I do not forget or neglect a human here in the next few months.  A missing child seems a lot more stressful than a missing sock.

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