Wednesday, March 13, 2013

11 Weeks and then some.

  • I am done with ICU.  While on ICU, I did nothing but work and sleep.  Quite literally.  I feel as though I did not see a single family member nor speak to a single friend.  I worked shifts while trying to traverse the horrid 2 feet of snowfall in early March, which only made my life all the more miserable.  The only favor the snow did for me, is make me feel less guilty for doing nothing but sitting on my a$$ all month. Couldn't possibly go outside.  I dislike snow.  Hate it really.  Have never cared for it.  Perhaps, it's the Lebanese in me, but I LOVE Summer.
  • If this pregnancy has taught me anything, it's energy.  Energy is the secret to my madness.  Normally, I can't stop the thoughts, theories, observations, aspirations, adventures, OCD.  But for these past 6 weeks, all I can think about is bed.  Or couch.  Sitting.  Lying down (but not too soon after eating).  Closing my eyes.  Even sending an email, or paying online bills, or showering requires too much effort. I understand laziness.  If there are people out there with this energy level at all times, I wouldn't want to do anything either.  Nothing. Non-pregnant, I am constantly on the go, piling my plate, filling my glass, because the wheels are always spinning.  If I don't keep myself busy, I literally go nuts.  I blog, because so many thoughts, memories, happiness fills my head at any given moment, that it must be dumped somewhere.  And I am not big on wastefulness.
  •  We took the boys to the library this past weekend.  We've taken them a few times, but this time, we actually checked out some books.  This is the first time we have brought home library books.  The boys love them!  I love them, because, they love them!  It's this weird thing.  They seem to know these books are special, different than their own extensive collection.  I don't even think we have read every book in our house, but they want to hear these new ones.  I think this will become a regular thing.  Once I have energy again, that is.
  •  George is fully walking now.  He is hilarious.  A ham.  Always performing for his parents, siblings, grandparents...well, anyone who will smile or laugh at him.  He is my favorite right now.  Shhhh!!!  Don't tell the others.
  • Curtis, well, it's like Curtis suddenly realized that he is two and supposed to behave like a little $h*# ALL the time.  Sweet, adorable, happy, do no wrong, make everybody happy, Curtis.  He still sleeps like a champ (except when he doesn't.)  He still eats like a champ (if it's gummy bears, or exactly what he wants.) Everything is "mine" and by mine, I mean his.  He just says "No!" in response to everything whether he means it or not.  Seriously, he will grab the gummy bears from my hand as he yells no.  Just because he is two, and two year olds say "No!"  He drops to the ground in a tantrum at the slightest hint of not getting his way, and the middle of the street is no hindrance to this excellent decision-making process.  Brock was a completely different kind of two year old.  So, this is my first experience with the Terrible Two's.  Good riddance.
  • Brock becomes more and more a little boy everyday.  I have begun to refer to the bottom 2 children as "the babies" and he does the same.  He has reasonable things to say, I mean, you can carry on a legitimate conversation for quite some time, if he is willing to separate from an iPad or iPhone for a moment. He continues to amaze me.
  • 4.O, well, don't have much to say about this one yet.  Except, that so far, he has not disappointed me, and has lived up to his brothers' pregnancy symptom standards.  So kind of him to not give two craps about how his mom feels and to just suck the life out of me, so that he can be a nice, what, 12 pound baby!?  Is that what it's going to be?  Truly, George was the kindest in utero child.  Even came 6 days early!  Perhaps 4.O will try to one up him on this...I like the idea of September 27th (ok, technically, the 26th would be one-upping, but I don't like that date as much).  On the plus side, I have lost 5 pounds.  And I cannot wait to meet our 4th little munchkin!!  FOUR!!!  
And those few thoughts were as much as I could muster.  I will leave you with, yet another, baby brained moment:

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