Saturday, March 9, 2013


Brock walks up to me with this pad of paper in hand:

He then says, is this where the baby is? And I look at him bewildered. He is constantly kissing and patting my belly. He knows full well, the baby is in there, not in that pad of paper. I go to reach for it, to see if perhaps someone drew a picture of a baby on one of the pages. But Brock, noting my confusion, directs my attention to the logo of the pad and restates his question, "Is this where the baby is at? Is this where you go to get your baby? Like last time?".

It dawns on me, he noticed the Shawnee Mission Medical Center emblem. He remembered this emblem from the few times he stepped foot in that hospital, as a young 3 year-old, and perhaps from when he was not quite 2. He has helped pick up two little brothers from a building that bears this signage. That young boy's power of observation never, ever ceased to amaze me. He is brilliant. The dots are always connecting. That motor of a brain is constantly running. I hope he never loses that curiosity. And shall he always remain astute.

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