Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day.

In the car, today, on our way home from lunch, unprompted, Brock states, "I really like St. Patrick's Day."  I agreed.  I have always like this holiday. And I liked it well before I could drink alcohol. For many reasons, mostly based on the fact that green is my favorite color.  Like, I intensely love the color green.  On a subconscious (or is it subconscience, wink wink) level, I think anyone with the name "Erin" has an affinity toward anything Irish. Also, it's a holiday based purely around what the Irish do best: friends and family.  You thought I was going to say drink, didn't you?  Sorry if this offends anyone, but the Irish are not known for their work ethic, intense business sense or drive to succeed.  Often, they chip into profit by bartering services to help a friend in need.  I know my father does.  I am quite sure half his income is services traded; a piece of glass for an oil change.   And the line between friends and family is a very, very thin one.  I have alluded in the past that my and Matt's relationship borders on incest, but that is merely because, to the Irish, a close friend is equal to blood.  Often, I am told people are my "cousin" or "uncle", but when asked to trace the bloodline, it rarely gets accomplished. The Irish are truly a jolly folk, who enjoy great camaraderie, food and drink.  And what are the holidays for, besides those three things?  Thus making, Saint Patrick's Day and wonderful holiday indeed.  A 4 year old even picked up on it...doubt it had anything to do with the candy being tossed to him while he stood shivering in the cold watching the parade.
Because I love this holiday so much, it surprises me how frequently it is neglected on my blog.  Like Thanksgiving, another holiday with long-standing tradition for me, St. Patrick's day is the same every year.  Perhaps the permanence of the routine for these days makes me skip over recording it's happening.  Whatever the reason may be, I am here to rectify the matter today.  This is my 3rd St. Paddy's day pregnant.  And not just pregnant, but 1st trimester pregnant, which makes EVERYTHING a little less enjoyable.  Yet, I still have a great time.  The Lillig's continue to have their brunch.  The crew continues to travel to Californos for the day.  And Mimi, or this year Martha, continues to provide a warm home with warm Reubens at the end of the day.  With drinking the whole way through.  I will always attempt to get the day off for St. Patrick's day, because, I, like my fellow Irishmen, love my family. And friends.

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