Monday, April 15, 2013

Forgotten Holidays.

The Holidays are so routine. They happen every year. In a similar way. With the same people.  Plus or minus a few out of towners. Or freshly borned kids.  Or new spouses. But I ALWAYS LOVE THEM!  Time spent with the focus being family, never becomes dull.  Not in this family, anyway. My boys continue to be thrilled by holiday traditions, such as dying and hunting for Easter eggs.  Curtis began saying, "Oh my gosh!" Emphasis on the "gosh". Brock got the 'mote control car he's been begging for since, well, sometime after Christmas.  In fact, weeks after the holiday, claiming he had a horrible Christmas because he didn't receive one then.  George, well, he just thought eggs were a game called, "let's see if this entire thing fits in your mouth." 

The boys participated in 4 hunts.  The BIG one, on the Harris side (Matt's mother's family.)  Then our own mini hunt in the living and dining room on Easter morning.  Then my father's hunt, a nice private affair with only immediate family.  Then the second biggest hunt, on the Giblin side (my mother's family).  To say they are spoiled rotten, would be completely accurate.  They won toys, to Brock's delight.  Candy, to Curtis' gluttony.  And cash, to...well, someday they'll appreciate that prize most of all. 

By the end of the long weekend, they were exhausted.  I was exhausted.  But not exhausted enough to let anyone of them get out of a photo op!!  I don't shop for the perfect little GQ Easter outfits for nothing!  It's really sad, but the three of them seem to know they will not get out of the photo sessions, so they just do it.  And the front stoop of the house seems to be the easiest gathering spot. Whoever said that toddlers weren't trainable, just lacked perseverance.  One perk to having an OCD, A-type personality, (or stubborness, however you want to call it, I prefer the previous description) is the ability to outlast almost any child's tantrum, breakdown, ADHD, non-compliance, until my objective is obtained. Perhaps, I should have trained and broken horses for a living...

Easter this year was grand. And beautiful. Kansas City graced us with a rare moment of perfect weather in this hellish Spring.  It should always be sunny on add to the holiday routine. Or Traditions.

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