Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's a Girl

It's funny. With all this social media, I can post nearly anything pregnancy related and someone invariably comments that this fourth child must be a girl. Apparently, acne means girl. Ice cream and pickles (eaten separately but in the same night, which I did last pregnancy) means girl. Normal first trimester symptoms means girl. But what it boils down to is, Matt his still him, I am still me, therefore, previous patterns most suggest, boy.

I just assume boy. I would not be disappointed with a fourth boy, and often feel that might be my preference. We did not get pregnant with this child in hopes it would be a girl. We did it because this child belongs in our family. When I really think about what even matters when it comes to gender, and why I cannot completely shut out the idea of a girl someday, are three things.

First, girls clothes are cuter, more fun, with more variety and, well, just better. Two, I wonder who will cook with me and bake and help me host an event or help me clean the kitchen after big family dinners. Lastly, I want a daughter to attend St. Teresa's high school. Where my mother and aunts went. And my grandmother. A fourth generation. My boys will be fourth generation O'Laughlin's at Rockhurst, but my father did not go there, nor his father before him, nor me. Legacy is huge to me. It's part of who I am, how I came to be, and I would love to share all this with a daughter. Even a blue-eyed, blonde haired one that does not resemble me in the none of my children seem to. That's it. Those are the only reasons why I'd be happy to add a girl to the brood. Otherwise, bring on the chaps!!

Oh, and I'm really tired of trying to come up with boy names.

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