Friday, May 7, 2010

14 Week Update

A few things have changed over the last week or so:

The indigestion is subsiding. I have been able to go to bed lying down 6 out of 9 nights! This will hopefully last until well into the 3rd trimester (or for the rest of the pregnancy, but I realize that's asking a bit much at this point).

The appetite is still a bit spotty.

The tired-all-the-time thing is still lingering, though this finding could be confounded by the current Surgery rotation (15+ hour shifts don't allow for significant amounts of sleep).

The headaches are fewer and farther between.

The vomiting, which was very minimal before, is non existent. And I stopped taking the anti-nausea meds long ago. I really only allowed myself to take those pills on absolutely unbearable days, so though I still feel waves of nausea, it must be significantly improved.

The bloating is still going strong, but it's becoming harder to distinguish; am I just bloated or am I already beginning to show a bit of baby belly?? Is it too early to switch to maternity pants!? I didn't get to that point until well into June with Brock...and they are just so comfy.

Don't worry though, it's not all a good report. The RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) has begun - just in time for me to finally be able to go to sleep lying down. Guess it's good that this symptom waited until now to pop up, I am not sure I would ever fall asleep sitting up with restless legs. Just add aching hips and back to the previous two issues and we've got 3rd trimester sleeping in a nutshell (and I wonder why I went through an entire bottle of Tylenol PM last pregnancy)!

In reality, I really do look at all these signs as positives. I am still carrying a growing, healthy baby. And I continue to hold on to the adage: a hard pregnancy means an easy baby. Is it possible to get 2 of those in a row!?

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Mimi said...

Can I just say you are amazing...and I smiled so big when I got to the lemon! Happy Mother's are a terrific mom! Love you, Mimi