Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Congrats to Ashley and Brian on little baby Ascencio!
After having many showers hosted in my honor over the past 3 years or so, it is finally my turn! A close school friend of mine, Ashley, is expecting in the middle of July (yes, the one in the teal dress is 28 weeks pregnant). So, in my spare time, otherwise known as my first weekend off in 4 weeks, I prepared for and hosted a baby shower. And by "I", I mean I prepared the food, and coordinated the acquisition of all supplies and decorations. I absolutely could not have pulled this event off without the contributions from school friend, Stephanie, Ashley's friend Rebecca and last, but not least (he really did EVERYTHING as far as house prep goes) Matt. Why he allows me to offer to do things like this amidst the busiest 3 months of our lives is beyond me.

So, now that I have properly thanked my cohorts, let me be the first to say, the shower was quite fabulous! Cute decor, great cake, cookies, food, sangria, beer, and people. This is the first time I've hosted an event where I didn't know over half the attendees previous to the occasion. I was a bit nervous about this, but I enjoyed meeting everyone. What a neat night.

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ashley said...

you guys did an amazing job! everything was so cute! thank you!!! love, ash