Sunday, May 23, 2010

You Know What THEY say:

I think every single grandparent relishes in the moment when they see their grandchild behave in an undesirable manner, identical to the one they put up with for so many years, a manner that was consistently performed by none other than their own child. Their ever hopeful expression of "what goes around, comes around" or "just wait until you have a kid, you'll see" has finally manifested. I am sure this moment if filled with a mixture of relief - this behavior wasn't due to a lack in parenting skill, it was just the kid's personality and here is the genetic proof. Joy - because who isn't happy when they are right? And lastly, a bit of sympathy - though the retribution may be sweet, no parent truly enjoys seeing their child frustrated.

I write this thought, because at 18 months, I see everyday, a little bit more personality in Brock. And many of these characteristics directly correlate to my and Matt's behavior as young children (so we hear). I almost find these little things he does to be endearing, albeit frustrating at times. And he did not come away with only negative attributes from his parents, in fact, he really seems to carry more positives - but, I could just be biased, or in denial.
What are these behaviors, you ask? And who did he get them from? Well, let me divulge.

Nonstop energy. Though I have never heard that Matt was a lazy child, I have also never heard the opposite. Therefore, this gets pinned on me. My mother likes to joke that I came out in a hurry, and never turned back from there (quite literally, I was almost 4 weeks early with by far the shortest labor.) Which can also be used as proof for his next charming trait:

Impatience. If you have ever met me, and you have ever met Matt, enough said. We all know which one that comes from...

Independence. This one is his father for sure. Matt insisted on discovering, building, creating and doing everything for himself from the beginning. That he became an engineer is absolutely no shock to anyone. Brock is exactly the same. This being nice sometimes, as he is perfectly content to play alone fairly often, but becomes a nuisance when this independence turns into...

Stubborness. Ha! You tell me who this comes from!! Pretty sure it's a tie. I think I can say with 99% confidence that ALL of our children will acquire this trait as well as...

Curiosity. Brock does not just watch what we do, he dissects it. He really desires to know how things work, why they work, what causes them, etc. Unfortunately, this curiosity, combined with the impatience and the fact that he is 18 months old and can't possibly understand 50% of what is going on, is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, neither of us had temper problems, so his frustration is relatively short-lived.

Particular-ness. Not really sure how to phrase this one. He is picky? OCD? Anal? Orderly? None of those are right. He is particular. Particular with his food (all mom, baby), particular with his clothing (all dad), particular with the books we read to him, and well, just all around particular. Again, he probably got this from both parents, though, I tend more on the OCD side, where as Matt hovers on the picky side.

Passionate. Currently, one would probably more describe the trait I am referencing as compulsive, moreso than passionate, but seeing as I suffer from the same affliction, I know it will eventually become passion. When he rather intensely and suddenly grips Tater's ear or Tali's stump tail and squeezes as hard as toddlerly possible, until the animal yelps. I know this is not in anger, or to be mean, but because he loves that animal so much he just has to squeeze it. I get it, trust me, I get it. And when he comes up and just gazes at me, then hits me in the face, I know it's for the same reason. Sometimes when you are filled with that much love, passion, desire, there is no outlet for it, except a little violence. Ask my mother, siblings, or Matt, this may or may not continue to be a problem for me as well...good thing I took up swimming as an outlet for all that passion, energy and impatience. My guess? Brock is going to HAVE to be an athlete.

Disclaimer: Though I realize many of these behaviors are privy to toddlers in general, they manifest for each child in a different, idosyncratic way. And as a parent, you can see what they will become with just a bit of maturity.

Happy 18 months, Brock!

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