Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thirty, Flirty & Thriving

Annora turned 30 on May 29th! I know this day is supposed to be about her, but eww. Not only do I now have a sibling in their 30's, but I am only 2 years behind her! We tried to make it a happy, light-hearted day for her. In a vain attempt to recreate youth, we got 30 balloons and a Rainbow Brite cake (so fabulously decorated by Molly Groebe). But let's be honest, is there any birthday worse than 30? I feel like it is the arbitrary line that once crossed you undeniably become Misses, or Miss, or Ma'am. You are an ADULT. Period.

It's a good thing I like adults. Happy Birthday, big sister!

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MollyG said...

I have to give Meghan Leary credit here for the cake decorating, the rainbow cake, was all me though!