Saturday, October 16, 2010

Camera Shy

Did you notice anything funny about this clip?

On my phone, you can record video while looking at it, Brock loves it. There were cuter, videos, with Brock actually speaking, but his father recorded them sideways...

...and when I say "speaking", I mean it. Today, Matt sneezed and Brock very clearly said, "Bless you". He also enjoys listing everybody he knows, these people usually include the parents, grandparents, daycare family, and, the dogs. "Taties" being his most commonly used word (our nickname for Tater.) He talks an awful lot about choo-choo's, which sounds like shoe-shoe. And, unfortunately he points out every truck, because his 'tr' sounds quite a bit like 'ph'. He can finally specify food and drink by name (for the essentials, you know milk, juice, cookie, pickle, hot dog, cheese, fruit snack...). And when he runs to the cabinet and points, apparently we would go item by item, asking, "these?" because now he thinks all other food is "these".

Lately, he has begun pointing to my belly and saying "baby", and randomly lifting my shirt to give the baby kisses. We never promoted this, he kind of came up with it on his own! Strange how kids know they are supposed to kiss things they love, and that he already loves his baby sibling. All along, I really didn't think he understood what was happening, but now I know he is aware that there is a baby.

I am really looking forward to spending more time with Brock during the next couple months. He will not be going to daycare because I have all of November off, and a light schedule in December. Though, being a toddler, he can have frustrating moments, overall, he is an absolute joy. Toddlers are fairly simple, their world is black and white. They either want something, or they don't, and they are just lacking the maturity to give a simple yes or no. The world would be a much simpler place if we all were a bit more infantile, yes or no, the only options. I digress. That child is hilarious. He cracks us up, as well as himself. One time, while I was carrying him, he tooted, and laughed! Who taught him that was funny?? Boys.

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