Thursday, October 14, 2010

Season Over.

Yet another wedding season ends. Thank goodness - squeezing into a dress is not so easy anymore (as if it ever was). Originally, I thought that this would be our last year with wedding invites being in the double digits...but lately, it looks like 2011 is panning out to be quite a big year. Only time will tell.
Emily and Brad Griffith
October 9th, 2010
Indiana Hills Country Club
Emily and Brad's ceremony contained a few unique elements, including a love letter and and opera solo. We then headed over to Indian Hills to enjoy cocktail hour in the perfect weather that graced the 9th. I did wear heels, which was probably a poor decision, but I can't really stand for long periods of time anyway - so I looked at heels and pregnancy as a good double excuse to sit down for most of the night. And, what else do you wear with a formal dress??

The speeches were great. The food was good. The music was hit and miss. But, most of all the company was grand. Everyone was just, plain happy. Congrats, Emily and Brad!!

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Ashley said...

I wore heals for nine months with both Joey and Addison. I think there is something wonderful to be said for the woman who can pull it all off, including wearing heals nine months pregnant, and with that said, you are my friend who can pull it all off!