Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh, AND more babies!

I almost started this sentence saying, "and the last 2 baby showers of the year"...but I realized I may have a couple more to attend. So, I will just say, I had the pleasure of attending a shower for Vanessa and Joe, Matt's cousins. They are expecting just a week before yours truly - a Halloween baby, perhaps!? It was a nice, relaxing get together with some phenomenal homemade cheesecake for dessert - I am sure Vanessa finds other parts of the day more memorable, but for me, the cheesecake was it.

The other shower was for my ex-BFF, Whitney 'Kuechler' Arthur. I say "ex" because our friendship probably reached its' prime sometime between 2nd and 6th grade. During these years, we dominated Visitation athletics, played with Breyer horses from sun-up to sundown, ate a lot of Oreos and Spaghetti-O's, watched either the Man from Snowy River or Wild Hearts Can't be Broken no less than 75 times, tortured our little sisters (and vice versa), biked, roller-bladed, rode horses and spent the night at one another's house nearly every weekend. Not unfrequently, we were asked if we were twins. We never truly "broke-up", I just became a psychotic swimmer, and she an avid soccer player - we stayed friends, made new friends and went on with our merry lives. So, needless to say, we did not marry twins, and we don't live on the same plot of land with a shared horse farm in between, but we have always made time for lunch at Taco Via (and we still share the same appetite).

I would like to add, that Whitney and I both married our high school sweethearts from Rockhurst. Both of our husbands come from all boy families, while we both have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. We both have 2 dogs. We both played college athletics, and are both pursueing careers in the health profession. We are both having early November babies (though this is her first) and we both have August birthdays. Leo's rock! So, even if we tried to not be friends - I don't think that fate would let it happen.

Anyway, congrats Whitney! And Shae, Kaitlin, Liz and Heather, did a beautiful job on the shower decor, food and games (except for that burnt tostada soup...)

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