Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pickles and Ice Cream

Yes. Last night, I did indeed eat some pickles, then later some ice cream. I did not want them together, I just thought a pickle sounded good, and I had been planning on eating the ice cream all day...

Also, last night, after a long, exhausting, wonderful week at Truman Medical Center doing high risk obstetrics, nothing sounded better than some food and a bed. Unfortunately for me, neither of these things are a simple task. As it were, I broke my rules, and ate dinner - then some pickles and then some ice cream - well after 7pm (in my defense I kind of thought I would be up past 10:30pm). And being so exhausted, I fairly quickly fell asleep, despite the pain in my hips and pelvis and the raging restless legs; only to wake up 2 hours later due to some reflux, so extensive that I rushed to the bathroom and...I'll spare you the details. But it left me to ponder: does it still stand that I ate pickles and ice cream if they didn't really make through the whole digestive process? I kind of don't think so.

I feel, comparatively speaking, I have maintained quite the positive attitude about all the little discomforts (ha! "little") that pregnancy provides, but at 36 weeks, I am being tested. I restarted the vomiting at 27 weeks with Brock - I made it to 36 with 2.O! Thanks to pharmaceuticals the upchuck count has been way down this go 'round. The sleeping situation has become increasingly worse, which is quite unfortunate, as I am having to be at TMC not later than 6am. On the bright side, I have gotten to see the baby 3 times in the last 3 weeks! The residents practiced some of their sonogram-ing skills on 2.O and have been quite impressed with the health (and size, uh oh) of the baby. Every time I see that little face, reality strikes and I get really excited that [kind of] anyday now I could get to meet our little, bitty bundle! Then, the next pang of reality strikes, and I realize 2 things: we have not picked a name for a boy and I have done NOTHING to prepare for this child. Seriously, nothing. The clothes are packed away somewhere in the basement. The sheet for the bassinet/pack n' play that Baby 2.O will spend its' first few weeks in has been lost for quite sometime...probably should buy and wash a new one. Speaking of wash, have to buy some of that newborn detergent. And I have NO idea where I packed all the burp cloths.

If we supposedly treated Brock like a 3rd child because of how laid back Matt and I are, then I fear 2.O is getting treated like, he/she should be able to raise themself, right?


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