Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Erin And Matt

After 10 years, an entire decade, I think I am allowed to brag a bit about how wonderful my life with Matt has been. To the outsider, what is most noticeable in this video, is our constant weight gain, but to me I notice absolute, pure, uninterrupted love.*

Click on the link to see the pictures larger, if you would like.

Ten Years from matt o on Vimeo. *WARNING: NEARLY 13 MINUTES LONG!

Shock of all shockers, I am no romantic. I am definitely not convinced that there is "one true love" for every person; maybe there are a good dozen people out there that could fit that description. But I can tell you this: Matt is the caramel to my espresso. At this point, I have been waiting 10 years, to the day, for our relationship to begin getting "difficult". You can ask Matt. Literally, since day one, I randomly ask him things like, "So, when am I going to stop liking you?" or "Why don't you get on my nerves?" or "Why do I like you?"

Our relationship has been easy. Natural. We both just prefer each other's company over anyone elses. We are both extremely honest, blunt, stable individuals, so our expectations have always been known, and they just so happen to match. Perfectly. We harbor no delusions, and don't wish for change. We are happy as we are. This isn't to say we don't have goals, or aspirations, or welcome change, we just react to it similarly.

When giving advice on relationships or marriage, I often avoid using my own as an example, because I truly believe it is one of a kind. When we began dating, oh so long ago, I vividly remember telling Matt we wouldn't work out because he agreed with me too often. I enjoy a good disagreement every now and then. He adapted, and now we have no problem creating "heated discussions". In fact, you will rarely witness us compliment one another. Our public displays of affection approach zero. And we don't whisper sweet nothings, ever. Yet, we are never happier than when we are together.

The other day, a thought occured to me. I love my two babies so much, it is painful. I mean painful. I want to squeeze and kiss them every moment they are within reach. I could write and talk about them constantly (and do.) I cannot even begin to imagine a life without them. But, every so often, I very much welcome a break from them. Perhaps, even look forward to it. And who do I immediately want to spend that break with? Matt. The only other boy in my life that I see and interact with day in, day out (Tater does not count, he's weird.) Matt is THE ONLY person I NEVER need a break from. (In fact, often I prefer him to myself.) And I need not write another word...that statement says it all.


Lara said...

You two are awesome.

maria Bilyeu said...

Wow, Erin Yay for you congratulations and you are so lucky and smart, choosing well!! The whole thing is very moving!
Aunt Maria

Jillian said...

Erin, that was incredible. I watched the whole thing with tears in my eyes for parts of it. You are both so sweet and your family is incredible. I still think you've missed your calling though....you are too creative to be a doctor!!! :) Love you, xoxo