Saturday, February 5, 2011


I could literally copy and paste the posting about Brock at 3 months of age as far as baby milestones. And I remember the changes that occurred around this mile-marker being absolutely amazing to me. This is supposed to be a huge transition time; the infants are no longer considered "newborns" at this point. But, with Curtis, I honestly don't remember him as a newborn. Only as he is today. I look back at his newborn pics and its seems forever ago, yet it doesn't seem like he's changed. Perhaps I wasn't joking when I said I birthed a 3 month old. Or perhaps it is because these last 3 months have breezed by. Or perhaps it is due to being a second time mom, and I could anticipate his progression in this short amount of time. You can always look at a growing child as they are today, then look back at an old photo, and say, of course this is what they would look like! But you can't look at a child today, and know what they will look like tomorrow. But for some reason, I feel like I can with Curtis.The moment he was born, I could tell he was going to be a very sweet baby. Curtis has this adorable, little, bashful smile. When he is happily playing, reaching for things, eating whatever he gets a hold of, or just staring off into space and you come into his line of sight with a big smile, he gets THE BIGGEST grin, and curls up in a tiny ball simultaneously. It reminds me of Flower, the skunk from "Bambi". He is so interactive. We also knew he was going to be a tank (I should have pushed harder for the name Frank...) and he still is, despite his 2 week battle with an upper respiratory infection turned Croup. His appetite took a dive for about a week, and his oh, so wonderful sleeping hours have been drastically reduced from 8-10 to 5-7 (still can't complain, we were SPOILED). I have faith he will return to his previous hourage when he stops coughing.

We have already begun letting za Cutkis play in the Exersaucer, and full month earlier than Brock (yet again proof of my "first time mother syndrome" - I thought 4 months for Brock was ridiculously early). This is the first toy Brock seemed a bit upset about sharing, and I am confident it is NOT the last. Also, as far as entertainment goes, Curtis LOVES the television. He goes nuts. Arms and legs flailing all over the place while his eyes remain pasted to the images. Here is another example where I can see straight into the future for this one...guess we are going to have to instate a homework before television rule for this one.I never thought another baby could be as cute as Brock is, to me. But Curtis has absolutely managed to fight for cutest baby title. Their personalities continue to be extremely different, even if their looks are beginning to merge. Happy 3 months today, my boy!

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