Friday, February 11, 2011

Food and Flowers

As per usual, I stick to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, and sent Matt a food basket with some of his favorite cookies, and some strawberries and champagne to celebrate our 4th anniversary!

Matt, on the other hand, and with no complaint from me, NEVER goes traditional (the only years I am hoping he strays from this pattern are 25th, 30th, 50th, 60th and 75th, I will gladly accept silver, gold and diamonds.) This year, he surprised me with a trip to South Padre Island, planned for April 1st-5th! Included in this trip is a horseback ride, on the beach, at sunset. Check that one off the bucket list! Matt hinted at this trip earlier in the week by laminating little pictures of the resort, as well as things we would be doing on our vacation and left them about the house. Brock kept messing with these cards, and I even found one in his lunchbox from school. The only conclusion I could reach is that Brock had taken these from school. Perhaps, even stolen them.So, on the Wednesday before our anniversary we celebrated our anniversary by going to Bella Napoli for dinner. Dinner turned out to be absolutely wonderful, and relaxing. Due to the freezing weather, and the fact that is was Wednesday, the place was relatively empty. The thing I love about anniversary dinners is that you are allowed to go all out. I ordered whatever wine I wanted, whatever dish, and I got a dessert. The cook had some rabbit, and convinced us to try it - excellent. Then, Matt handed me an envelope. I opened it to find...4 laminated cards! What a clever fellow. Here I am, blaming my son for stealing at age 2, convinced he has Conduct disorder, and it's my wonderful hubby.

My only complaint? That the trip was scheduled for April 1st, and not February 11th.

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Lisa said...

Awesome! I need to get Jimi reading your blog so he can shower me with thoughtful gifts like this! :)