Friday, February 25, 2011

The OCD List.

1. All small flavored candies must be eaten in matching flavor pairs. Such as Skittles, Jelly Bellies, and Mike & Ikes. Exceptions can be made when the end of a package or handful contains an odd number in one or multiple flavors. In this situation, it is optimal to pair flavors that compliment one another well, such as a yellow and green Skittle. It is a last resort to eat one individual candy, as the portion does not make for an enjoyable chewing experience, and lacks the necessary flavor burst to really justify the empty calorie consumption. But throwing away is absolutely not an option, not to mention wasteful.

2. Shoes can be taken off at the door, or just about anywhere in the house, and be left there. For days. Socks, however, are disgusting, and should only be removed upstairs in the bedroom, preferably immediately placed in a hamper, not to be seen again until laundered. If this fails to happen, their presence on the floor about the house will cause severe stress and frustration.

3. Lids of beverage containers should be promptly replaced upon pouring or sipping from the bottle. No exceptions. Even if you plan to take an immediate second sip. It is best to just make this a habit. Spillage can happen in less than a split second. Seriously, it can, and it will.

4. An outfit should never, ever, be worn twice in the same week, the same month, really. Exceptions, obviously, being a uniform or you are absolutely sure no one that saw you in it yesterday will see you in it today. The ultimate goal should be to never wear the same outfit twice, in your LIFETIME.

5. Trash should NEVER be set outside the trashcan. Yes, this sometimes makes cooking and preparing vegetables a bit tedious, but it sure keeps things tidy. As soon as you have taken that last sip from your grande Starbucks latte, it goes in the trash. You might as well pre-unwrap all your Kisses or Dove mini's before sitting to snack on them, because making a trip to the waste receptacle every 3 minutes or so, depending on whether you prefer to savor each individual chocolate or chain consumption, is simply unfavorable. It is illogical for trash to EVER be found outside a waste bucket, as it is not allowed to touch countertops, tables, desks, furniture or floors.

6. Certain items must be name brand...

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