Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going to Miami...

My Danish swimming friend, Tina, from college scheduled a trip to the states for July. I think she may have been kind of joking when she sent me an email saying I should try to come down to Miami and join her and Maggie, another Hoosier swimmer, but I took it seriously and bought my flight immediately. We then found out that Colleen, a 3rd swimmer, was visiting this weekend as well, because her sister located in Southern Florida just had her 3rd little boy. It snowballed from there, and 6 of us were able to have mini reunion! The MANY absent com padres were definitely missed, but we managed to have fun despite the missing pieces...
Fun in the sun. Nothing beats Florida beaches. The water has always been clear and warm in my experience.
Fun with dining. Nothing beats Florida Grouper! And generally, all the seafood is to die took me many coastal visits to finally realize that I actually enjoy fish. Living in the landlocked Midwest does not provide much opportunity for fresh, wonderful, seafood.
Fun at the outlets malls! Pretty sure Miami/Ft. Lauderdale has the biggest outlet center I have ever experienced. Overwhelming to say the least. This shopping trip did inspire a couple $100+ heel purchases (not by me, your welcome Matt) but did nearly caused me to drop a couple hundo on clothing for the boys as I discovered "Crew Cuts". Apparently, J.Crew has a children's section!? Not sure if this is a good or bad thing for me.

The weekend proved to really be relaxing, enjoyable and full of girl talk. Amazing how 6 people can all go 6 different ways and live in 6 different cities yet fall right into place when together in one house. And a spectacular house it was! Maggie has quite the set up there in sunny Florida.

Can't wait to visit again.

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