Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peepee in the Potty?

Perhaps I am jumping the gun here, and perhaps he will "revert" back to having accidents, but I think Brock might be potty-trained. I honestly went at it without any plan in mind whatsoever. I bought some pull-ups a few weeks ago. I had these thick, trainer undies that my sister gave me when Xander was through with them, and that's about it. On Thursday, when he mentioned wanting to peepee in the potty, as he has been suggesting for a few months now, I took him in there with the attitude, OK, we are going to do this. He stood at the toilet. Waiting. Waiting. Getting distracted. Refused to quit trying. 4 minutes later, I got bored and summoned Matt. Matt got him to sit on the trainer seat and patiently sat with Brock, in the bathroom for 45 minutes. Nothing.

Friday, same deal, only this time, we armed him with a book and some toys. I also said we could do anything he wanted, get ice cream, go to the pool, etc. I would like to add, that Leah and I had our make-up done at Macy's earlier in the day, so my offering the pool was gambling that he would yet again be unsuccessful. I think he sensed that the ONLY way he was going to get to go to the pool that day was by peeing in that toilet. And, by george, that kid was not getting up until he did. He sat there for over an hour. He outlasted both Matt, and I. We had left the bathroom area and gone on to do other things about the house. And Brock just sat on the toilet. That is the LONGEST that child has EVER sat still in his entire 30 months of existence. Who knew? Stubborness comes in handy sometimes. We then hear a little voice saying something about going peepee. We walk into the bathroom, and there is Brock, standing and pointing into the toilet at yellowish tinted water and some bubbles...YAY!

We clapped our hands, jumped up and down, washed our hands, told Brock he was a big boy, gave him the mini Reese's that we had set on the shelf above the toilet as a reminder of his reward for going potty in the toilet, hugged, kissed, clapped some more, then called the grandparents and an aunt or two. After the over-the-top insane little celebration, we then reminded him he could have or do anything, and I suggested ice cream (repeating, don't say pool, don't say pool in my mind over and over and over.) "Pool!" Of course. So, Matt took him to the pool.

He hasn't really looked back since. I annoyed him for the next day constantly asking him if he needed to go potty. I quickly realized there was no need to constantly pester him. Apparently, he WANTS to use the toilet and let's us know when it's time! He has gone #2 a couple times. This is where the accidents might come in...he is not a great pooper. I just don't get it. I thought this whole process was supposed to be a lot harder. I think there is a lot to be said about just waiting until your child is ready to do things themself. My and Matt's parenting style has always been to just follow the kiddos' cues with some mild encouragement and instruction along the way. Looks like it's worked (until I update the blog tomorrow with word that he is refusing or peed all over the house...)

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Ashley Hall said...

Way to go Brock!