Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As the title of Curtis' 7 month update post, I am sure you all find this one to be odd. Well, frankly, it is perfectly fitting. And I will tell you why.

Matt could not have said it better, "2011 sucks. I hate you. Go away." So far, this year, Matt has been laid off. I did not Match. Our dog suddenly died. Three huge, huge, life-altering events for the worse. Plus a few other lesser in significance, but also depressing, irritating and inconvenient events. And then, it suddenly dawned on me. KARMA.

Curtis is such a freakishly wonderful baby, he has stolen all the good juju from our family. That has to be it. No one is allowed to have a child like this and just get away with it. No one.

He was born on his due date. I hoped and prayed he would remain put until the month of October expired. He complied.

He was born in less than 6 hours. I didn't feel a thing. Hardly had to push.

He nursed like a 3 month old. I never felt chained to him because he ate only every 3-4 hours or so, and only for 20 minutes. I still wonder at his mammoth (but declining in percentile) size.

He slept like a 3 month old. Not only did he begin sleeping through the night by 4 weeks, but you can just lie him in the crib. No rocking, patting, feeding, etc. Lay him on his side, with a pacifier and a blanket bear, and he is out.

He smiles like an idiot. I know I have said it before, but EVERYONE comments on this. I never thought the question, "Is he always that happy?" could get old, but it has. I mean, Curtis is sooo happy, that I make fun of him when he cries. Because it's not even real. He just wants to make sure I am aware that he would be unhappy if he were a normal infant.
He requires little to no attention. Which actually has the opposite affect and makes one want to hang out with him all the more. Just the other night, we were at The Salty Iguana enjoying some 2 for 1 tacos. and about 35 minutes in, the dad at the table next to us blurts, "I mean, is he always that good?" Yes. "Because we had to speed eat when these guys were little." Pointing to his three children, and going on to insist his wife turn around and look at the baby that, "hasn't made a peep the entire meal and is now falling asleep." (I would like to add that he must have been tired if he had not made a peep, because that kid is vocal. Despite his mobility, I always know where he is.)

He is the perfect match for Brock. He is tough and laid back. So, not only can he take a beating, but he doesn't even care about it. He just observes Brock and his high energy craziness, smiles or screams at him, and goes about his business.

He loves the pool! Even more than Brock did. Which is unbelieveable. And wonderful. But why am I surprised? He loves everything. I just look in his half-moon, squinty smiling eyes, and think, "what a sweetie" no less than 177 times a day.

Food is about the only thing he gets "upset" about...but as I said, it's not really a real cry. I recently found him chewing on something...a piece of carpet! I mean, I can't exactly go strand by strand and make sure none are loose enough for a tiny baby to pull out and eat. Lets hope he has a strong stomach. I just love that kid. Love him, love him. And this all may seem like bragging, but I have nothing else I can say about him. With Brock I could always throw a few "he is great, but..." comments, but there is no but with Curtis. When there is, trust me, it is going straight onto this blog.

I am not going to lie, I would probably trade waking up once in the night for Tali to still be around. And I might even prefer to put up with some general fussiness to have matched in OB/gyn...but as for Matt's job, the jury is still out on that one. The boys and I have LOVED having Matt around all the time and his photography has improved and grown. Could have been a blessing in disguise. So, I am not going to trade anymore of za Cuck's fabulous traits.

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