Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 2012 List

Babies: Congrats to...
  • Maureen and Sean on Catherine Leah Gratton, 5lbs 9oz on 12/31/11.
  • Coleen and Austin on Chase Davis, 6lbs 13oz on 12/31/11.
  • Tina and Joe on Isaac Richard Soltys, 7lbs 8oz on 1/14/12.
  • Whitney and Robby on Hadley Jane Arthur, 8lbs 4oz on 1/15/12.
  • Maggie and Adam on Graham and Drew Kastl, 7lbs 4oz & 7lbs 1oz on 1/16/12.
  • Mitch and Shannon on Audrey Fahl Bartley, 6lbs 6ozs on 1/23/12.
  • Danielle and Zach on James David Rider, 7lbs 7ozs on 1/31/12.
  • Katie and Ian on Lochlan Edward Gillihan, 7lbs 2ozs on 2/9/12.
  • Liz and Richard on Austin Bryant, 6lbs 8ozs on 2/13/12.
  • George Edward O'Laughlin, 10lbs 7ozs on 2/17/12.
  • Tina and Jesper on Sebastian Skov Gretlund, 10lbs 3ozs on 2/19/12.
  • Lauren and Justin expecting #2, Baby girl Frye in March.
  • Pete and Maggie expecting #2, Baby girl Scaletty in April.
  • Catherine and Jason expecting Baby Pettus #2 in May.
  • Gia and Matt on Matthew Lee on May 21st.
  • Jade and John on John Milton Planchon III in June.
  • Katie and Malik on Matilda Marie Idbeis, 7lbs 11ozs 7/23/12.
  • Briana and Joe expecting Baby Burrichter in July.
  • Ashley and Brian expecting Baby Ascencio #2 on August 6th (my birthday!!).
  • Sarah and Matt on Baby Angelo due in August.
  • Jerod and Julie on Baby Eller #3 due in September.
  • Courtney and Patrick on #2, baby boy Vogtner in September.
  • Beth and Chris on baby Ingram #2.
  • Leslie and Andrew on baby girl Marshall in November.
  • Gabe and Christin in March 2013.
  • Pat and Kathleen in February 2013
  • Sara and Timothy {Van Dyke}, March 3rd.
  • Kaitlin and John {McCormick}, June 29th.
  • Christine and Nick {Kanatzar}, September.
  • Thomas and Claire {O'Laughlin}, October 13th.
  • Leah and Neal {Krieger}, November 24th.

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