Thursday, January 5, 2012

my friend Curtis

Oh za Cuck. 14 months old and still preferring to crawl. I decided back when Brock was this age (well, more like 9/10 months) that the criteria for officially "walking" was more often vertical than horizontal...and Curtis is currently at about the 50/50 mark. He CAN walk. He just doesn't. Very often, anyway. It kind of stresses me out, as I am an over-achieving, first at everything kind of person (in fact, I was playing a new board game with Brock this evening, and I won! Haha!) that he is FOURTEEN MONTHS and hardly walking. Brock was running by this point. And I mean running. I am pretty sure he would just take off down the block, laughing, thinking it was hilarious to sprint away from his parents as they unload the groceries from the car.

But, it is this laid back, I couldn't care less if I crawled until I am 14 YEARS old kind of attitude that we (by we, I mean everyone) love about Curtis. I really just don't want to have to carry 2 babies to and from the car. This is yet another reason why I think 2 year spacing between kiddos is perfect. This whole 16 month difference thing, well, let's just say, I would never plan it this way. But, I am doing my best to let Curtis be Curtis.
Appropriately, his first real, distinctively, properly used word was an emphatic "Hi!" So, now, instead of just a huge grin, which is greeting enough in my opinion, you get a loud "hi" as well. You also might catch him saying ball, dog, kitty, bye bye, and of course Mama and Dada. I am fairly certain he has said Mimi and MaGra. Oh, and how can I forget "thank you". Whenever he hands me something, he says "thank you"... sometimes he says it when you hand him a food item, so he's getting the hang of it. And speaking of food items, he will specifically ask for a "cracker". Frankly, I am surprised he doesn't know more foods by name as eating is his one true passion. And he imitates every single obnoxious noise that comes out of his older brother's mouth. He also whistles.

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Emily Severino said...

Hi Erin-One of my girls is acting the same way Curtis is. They are 15 months, one has been walking/running since about 10 months and the other can walk and will a few times a day but most of the time, she gets around by walking on her knees. I of course wish she would walk all the time but so far she seems to only do what SHE wants to do! Oh well, maybe someday soon.... :)