Thursday, January 19, 2012

Attempted Escape?

This baby is determined to be nothing like their older brothers. I got to experience a trip to triage for the first time ever in a pregnancy! I am 35 weeks today, and to celebrate, I decided to have my usual breakfast, a Nutrigrain bar, and some coffee. Sometimes I will eat more, but this particular morning was spent trying to force feed Brock his steroids, and get everyone out of the house to get to clinic on time. I get to clinic, and it is INSANE! Of course, all the patients show up, none of them are simple, and I am running around all morning. All of this, after a long night of coughing, indigestion and getting up a few times with Brock who has croup.

So, I forget to eat a midmorning snack, or have a glass of water. I don't even have time to pee. By 11am, I finally say screw it, I am using the pregnancy card. I am ditching clinic for a moment to grab a drink and use the restroom. Well, after I do this, my crazy morning hits me, and I start feeling some pretty intense lower abdomen and back pain, as well as light-headed. I have the nurse take me blood pressure, and it's 90/60, which was normal - when I was working out 6 days a week! Nowadays it's right around 115/75. And though the pain is constant and sharp, not contraction like at all, I decide it's best not to take any chances.

Well, the nurses and doctor I was working with, REFUSE to let me walk to OB triage. They make me sit in a wheelchair, and ride through my own hospital! I don't get embarrassed easily, but I kind of was......anyway, long story short, I sat hooked up to a fetal heart monitor for a solid 2 hours. I was contracting every 3-4 minutes for a good portion of that time, and guzzled no less than 2 liters of water. I got lectured to drink more by everyone of my fellow residents, nurses, and doctors, and was sent home to "relax". Which I did. And it was hard. Relaxing is not my forte.

Other than that, just the usual discomforts to report. The worst of all of it is sleep. It's just not comfortable anymore. I was honestly feeling great until, BAM, 32 weeks. Every other night, I am in the recliner to sleep. The restless legs are just stupid. I cannot bend over to pick up anything, so our house is just constantly littered with toys and shoes. I can't hold Curtis for more than about 90 seconds. I try to avoid picking up Brock at all costs. I don't think Curtis even likes my lap anymore because of the belly.

And, though, I really have no room to speak, seeing as a friend of mine just delivered a set of 7 pound twins, I am carrying what is the size of a term baby for most people, at 35 weeks. Basically, you could say, I get to carry a term baby for 5-6 weeks, instead of just a couple. Estimated at 6lbs 15oz at 34 weeks 5 days. Now, these can be up to a pound off, so yes, it could be 5lbs 15ozs (still term for a lot of people) or 7lbs 15ozs (term for the majority of people). Curtis was estimated at 6lbs 4ozs at the same time, and Brock 6lbs I guess this one is only 1/2 pound ahead. Which means, if we make it to our due date, 10 pounds is a likelihood!! Gross. I am sorry, but I really don't want to say I had a 10 pound baby. I really, really, really, want another one in the 8 pound vicinity.

Lastly, with just over a month to go, we have really ignored this baby. Maybe that's why #3 felt the need to give me a little wake up call. We have not even discussed names, not once. Not at all. I kind of refuse to think about boys' names. I haven't even begun looking for or gathering all my newborn stuff out of storage. I just hope 3 carseats will fit in the 4Runner, because I can't settle on a minivan just yet. I am such a snob. At least, I have somewhat been "nesting" (according to the in-laws), as we pulled up all the carpet on the main level to expose the nice hardwoods. Not sure how that helps the baby...

...nevertheless, I cannot wait for Baby O #3 to arrive! When I was sitting in that hospital bed, contracting, a teeny, weeny part of me, was a little excited at the idea of meeting the baby so soon. Though, I would really rather he/she joins us with fully developed lungs and vital organs. But 38 weeks would be great...February 9th sounds nice, right?

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