Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fannie May: June 2nd, 2011-October 2nd, 2012.

I am going to spare details. I will probably re-live the moment Fannie passed, and how she died many, many more times throughout my life.  The images, unfortunately stained in my brain.  I just hope it isn't the same for Brock.  I instead, would like to write about and remember all the moments prior to her tragic end, at the hand of a passing vehicle on our street.

In most people's opinion, Fannie May came into our lives at a very in-opportune time.  I was pregnant with my 3rd child, just starting residency, and we had just lost our wonderful, irreplacable Tali. To most, getting a tiny Coonhound/Great Dane mix puppy, which would soon become, a giant puppy, was an overwhelming, possibly irresponsible, decision.  And I cannot say that I don't somewhat agree.  But, I saw her, met her, and knew she was ours.  Love doesn't always make the most logical decisions. Yes, even I, someone regularly accused of being "cold-hearted", "lacking emotion", "inhuman", am not immune to the power of love.  Especially, when it comes to all things small, adorable, sweet and perfect.  This puppy licked, and loved our boys from the first moment she met them, until her last.  She never, ever, even hinted at the thought of nipping, growling, or biting these little boys.  George, loved to pull her ear, he would pull and pull, until he got it to his mouth to suck on it.  Curtis thought she was his own personal pillow.  Brock let her outside nearly every morning, and his cute little voice, calling her name put a smile on my face. Every time. Being a puppy, she loved playing in the backyard with the boys, and all Summer, she enjoyed the hose and pool just as much as they. In fact, she thought all their toys were her toys!  All of them.

Yes, Fannie destroyed more children's toys, clothing, and accessories than I care to recollect, but we have an over abundance of all that stuff, anyway, perhaps she was doing us a favor.  She grazed the table top, as her head easily reached above it, and enjoyed many treats straight from the trash can.  She thought that the furniture was placed for her personal use, especially the green striped chair in the living room.  She would relax, with her hunches in the chair and just watch the animals, people, and cars go by our house.  She didn't bark, just sweetly, serenely observed.  Despite her many, many puppy-like and often aggravating habits, her demeanor was indescribably perfect.  I loved her.  I laughed at her long, gangly legged-attempts to run up the stairs that often ended in her slipping back down, due to a severe lack of coordination.

I watched her attempt to sit in, not only my lap, Matt's lap, Curtis' or Brock's lap, but also nearly every other visitor who gave her even an iota of attention.  That huge dog, thought she was being sly. She would lay her head in your lap, then raise a paw up to the lap, then the other paw...all while her head remain in the same position.  As if we didn't notice the slow addition to all the rest of her appendages and body.  Just silly, plain silly.  Which is why she fit in so well with our motley crew.  I often get complimented on how "happy" we always look.  And Fannie was no exception.  Her jovial, playful, flippant attitude is what got her into trouble in the end.

She may not have been around for too long, but she will be missed as though we had her forever.  We loved you, and love you still, Fannie May.  And Brock hopes you are having fun in heaven with Tali, digging holes in the dirt, eating trash, drinking from the toilet, chewing up burp clothes...


Louisa Raisbeck said...

Wonderful memories Erin, the most beautiful post :).

Saushan said...

Was that person driving too fast? People fly up and down that street all the time!! So so sorry for your loss. Losing family pets is so hard!

LV said...

you such a great writer smitty