Sunday, October 21, 2012

More than 8 Months. Much More.

George's 8 month birthday, marked my freedom from human parasites for the first time since Valentine's Day 2010 (or there abouts).  I nursed him that day, just so I could say I made it 8 months - the longest stretch of breastfeeding I have made with any child.  I am going to blame this phenomenon on the late tooth eruption time, as George decided to wait a bit longer than usual, save 'em up and grow 6 teeth at once.  I will add, the first to poke through were the top 2 surrounding the front middle.  In other words, we thought we might have a little vampire for Halloween, thankfully the center top and bottom teeth quickly followed.  Besides some clear drainage from the nose, a slight increase in his desire to be held, a new habit of rubbing his gums on everything and a few, momentary night time awakenings that do not require any action from his parents, other than paranoid attention to the monitor, you wouldn't even know he was teething.

But, back to me.  George becoming a full time bottle feeder has increased my odds of making it to work on time in the morning.  This is due to an extra 15-20 minutes from no longer feeding, then an additional few because I don't have to pack up the pump, and even more because I do not have an adorable baby awake, distracting me from getting dressed.  It has allowed me the freedom to eat, or not eat.  I no longer have to ensure I consume a few liters of water every day.  I can live off of caffeine if I feel like it.  Though, my eating habits are probably not near as healthy, it is much easier to shed a few pounds.  And TMI, despite my decreased in daily H2O, I have almost no constipation.  My libido has fully returned.  My hair, nails, skin, all seem back to a baseline I forgot ever existed.

It has been so long since I felt this way, I forgot how great it is to be me.  So, George turning 8 months means so much more to me, than a fully mobile baby, who crawls to and climbs on everything.  I will still remember that he now makes his pig nose face, more than he smiles.  And that he is already imitating his brothers and following them around in every way he is capable.  I will remember that I gushed, and rambled on and on and on about how happy, complacent and easy Curtis was, but have not even mentioned that George shares his middle brother's demeanor in this way.  In example, I think George played in an Exersaucer, outside at a friend's son's 2nd birthday party, by himself, for no less than 40 minutes, without so much as a peep.  Give him something new to play with, and you've bought yourself some time, Curious George, he is.  But I will also remember, that at this age, he gave me my youth back...
...which makes me really want to add another.  But until then, it's just me and my 3 amigos.

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