Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Mama is OUT TONIGHT!"

First Sister Photo
 I am still sore from Saturday night. It's been three days. It was a good night.  Reminiscent of the crazy, carefree college weekend nights, during the non-competitive swimming season.  I can thank my big sister, my little sister, a few of her friends, some cousins, my mom, my in-laws and most of all, Matt, for this treasure of a night.  I had sincerely forgotten what it was like to go out with girlfriends.  To have an evening dedicated to fun, and one girl in particular and her last night of "singleness".  As maid of honor (or Matron of Honor, technically) in Leah's wedding, I was the coordinator of this night.  But many were involved, as it was a progressive dinner, where we enjoyed food, drinks and gifts at 4 separate houses before finally settling in at the Red Balloon {dive} Karaoke bar.  Such a massive success.  And, as the saying goes, "What happens at the Red Balloon, stays at the Red Balloon", or something like that...so I leave you with photos.
"It's not a party, without deviled eggs" -Leah
The 4 Hostess' of the evening.
"So Happy Together"
Final Sister Photo

 And, the hangover cure?  A lovely shower.  We all wore PJ's.  Does it get any better?!  I love you, sissy.

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