Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013.

In the past year, I welcomed a new son.  Far and above, my most favorite moment of 2012. He is beautiful.  He has made our home a happy one.  I completed my intern year of residency.  Matt received a promotion at work.  Matt's brother got married, they are happy.  My sister got married, they are really happy.  My brother got engaged, and they are happy.  Though the previous post might suggest otherwise, I only look back at 2012 fondly.  We did have a beloved pet pass away, and an amazing grandmother, time is healing those wounds. We have made some new friends, and become closer with our old. One of my best friends is expecting her first baby, and I get to host a shower. In the midst of a busy, busy, 2nd year of residency, the boys' had a great 2nd & 4th birthday.  We had a merry Christmas, despite my working 26 hours over Christmas day. We went to St. Louis for Easter. To Chicago for vacation. Visited the zoo countless times, went to the pool, enjoy the park on a weekly basis.

I am nothing but thankful for this past year.  I am thankful for every year.  I enjoy life, all the time - as long as I keep my "this too shall pass" attitude.  How can I not love it? At a moment's notice, my mother watched the boys so that Matt and I could enjoy New Year's dinner out with friends. She also came over and made a salad to go with my dinner tonight.  This is not a rare thing.  Even less rare is my in-laws stepping in to watch the boys at a moment's notice.  Without our family, Matt and I's relationship might be something different all-together. I saw my out of town best friend's daughter on her 1st birthday party. The entire family is healthy. I have the 3 most adorable, wonderful boys one could ask for; they are smart, happy, amazing...and they love their sleep. My husband is made of patience. And awesome. A talented photographer able to capture our entire life beautifully. I am confident, 2013 will be nothing but an improvement on the last 30 years I have been alive.  Cheers!

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