Monday, February 2, 2009

1 For 1

No, Brock is no dummy, he knew the Chiefs weren't in the superbowl! He just didn't know when the best time would be to wear the outfit his grandpa & Terry got him for Christmas...can you blame him? Also, with the Steelers' win Brock is 100% on predicting the superbowl winner. Perhaps he has a future in gambling advising ("Two for the Money" anyone?) Though, right now his pick is always my pick, so who's to say.

I would also like to add that Brock slept for eight and a half hours again last night, that is his 3rd eight and a half-er, and probably his 20th six plus. We lucked out and not only got a good sleeper, but one that does not confuse day and night. He is nothing but smiles in the morning. When I go to change him after his long nights sleep he goes nuts on the table. We probably spend almost 15 minutes there while he shreaks, coos, and flails, all the while maintaining a huge grin. He loves to be naked (is Brock that kid you see streaking across the front yard in the future?) The exception to the grin being when he has an episode of momentary panic because he has kicked his legs so hard that his arms fly back and hit the changing pad. For an instant the smile is traded in for a look of complete and utter shock, until he realizes he has gone nowhere, then the giddy baby comes back full force. What a total morning person, like his mother.

In addition, Happy Birthday Michael O'Laughlin! Who turned 14 this Groundhog's day.

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