Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When Matt and I began dating over 8 years ago, everyday seemed to be an improvement on the one before it. I felt nothing but increasing love and admiration, so naturally, as an eternal skeptic, I spent the first few years wondering when I would wake up and the pendulum would have begun to swing the other way. I finally gave up on this notion, and accepted the fact that I had found my infinity. And then we got married. Techniquely, cotton is the appropriate gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary, but I will always accept horses! Matt got me a couple of tickets to go see the Lipizzaner Stallions - who to take? As for my gift to Matt, it doesn't exactly qualify either because it is a pair of Simples made of hemp - inside marked "Granola not included".

Two years ago, yesterday, did Matt and I think we would be going to dinner and a movie while our little boy was with the sitter (grandma & grandpa O)? Kind of. We decided one year ago to go for it. Isn't it strange? We knew Brock would exist, even long before his conception. I am constantly in awe of the idea of procreation. Even as a med student, I still can't quite grasp how something this complex, real and alive came from nothing. We were once nothing.

Now we are a family.

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Tina said...

What an adorable picture of the little family!