Friday, February 20, 2009

MM #2

Ever since the blessed arrival of our boy, the trash can gets filled with in 3 days solely by styrofoam carry out boxes and paper coffee cups (that's all me, baby.) So, in an attempt to end this ridiculous cycle of ordering in, I decided to plan two dinners and make a trip to the grocery store. I repeat, two dinners. I was responsible for acquiring the items needed for two, measely, uncomplicated dinners. These were 1: chicken, pasta and green beans; and 2: greek pizza.

I wandered the store, making faces and talking to Brock the entire time, nearly crashing into a support beam - twice, and collecting the necessary items. Finally, after nearly an hour, I check out and headed home. Upon arrival Matt put all the groceries away and I fed the baby. Of course, we got Wendy's that night for dinner, but we discussed having the pizza tomorrow night. Only then did it dawn on me - Feta cheese, check; purple onion, check; spinach, check; olives, check; vital ingredients to make pizza such as mozzarella cheese, sauce and crust - uh oh. I mean seriously. You can actually make a pizza if you just have cheese, crust and sauce, but I am sorry my friend, you cannot make a pizza with only toppings!

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Susan Woessner said...

no, but you could make a delicious greek salad, or greek pasta, or greek sandwiches, or veggie shishkabobs, or eat that food off each other's bods and make Brock and big bro.

Just some thoughts.