Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do I dare hope for a swimmer?

Though it is Brock's 12 week birthday - Alexander is the true Birthday boy! For his 3rd birthday he got a pool party! I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever to get to swim in the Winter-time. The celebration was held at the Matt Ross Community Center. It turned out to be a really nice facility, a bit crowded, but very clean and open. And not mention, that boy got more presents than the 5 of us all together (my siblings and I) did at Christmas time. Spoiled oldest children. Yet one day, he will claim he got jipped and his younger siblings had it made. The grass is always greener... Brock got into the pool water for the first time in his life. I already knew he loved the water, as evidenced by the fact that he giggles whenever I first put him in the bath. But I thought the colder, chlorine-fragranced pool water might not be as pleasurable. Wrong. He loved it. He was kicking away, didn't even cringe with the first plunge into the cool water. He did not enjoy, however, choking on the water when being dunked under...I tried to tell him not to breath in until his head was fully re-emerged. Stubborn baby.
I figure, if he turns out to be a swimmer, then I will just not allow morning practices until he is 16. It's not like he has any potential to be an endurance athlete anyways, so AM practices are a pointless addition, meant only to make it "fair" for all the athletes. I mean, lets admit it, what did the sprinters really do in the morning? Cardio? Sprints in the dive well, aka hot tub? Or just some random crap to make it appear that they/we were working out? I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and a shout out to my bro Brennan who turns 22 on the 18th!! And Matt's Grandma on the 14th, who is at the age where numbers don't matter. Yayers!

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leaner345 said...

ha ha don't forget that jumping jacks constitute as exercise!