Monday, February 23, 2009

Officially a "Baby"

Brock is 3 months today, and no longer considered a newborn. Though, I think it was 2 weeks ago today that I swear he went to bed a helpless seeming newborn and woke up a full-fledged "baby". He does all those things that babies are supposed to do, like put everything in his mouth. He is obsessed with mouths and tongues. He just stares at the food on the table and longingly watches every bite enter the mouth of whomever is in the most direct line of sight. When he has gotten ahold of a finger, or a toy, he immediately brings the object to his mouth, curls up his legs and makes a growling noise - like a dog tearing at its prey. (I would upload a video of it, but have yet to figure that one out...)

He doesn't sound like a newborn anymore. He doesn't eat like a newborn anymore - had to break out the 8 oz. bottles this weekend. He doesn't sleep like a newborn. He has way more awake time during the day and always sleeps for at the very least a 6 hour stretch at night. Last night, he went to bed at 10:35p and woke up at 6:10a. And he definitely is not the size of a newborn. He is just so long, he has been in 3-6 month clothing for a full month or so by now. But this weekend, sadly, I officially packed away all the cute, darling 0-3 month items. When it looks like your little boy is wearing capri's and trying to show some chest in 30 degree weather, it is time to let go.

His first episode of giggling was on February 3rd - for my mother, while she was changing him, thank goodness I was around. Cutest sound EVER. Previous to then he would just let out one half-assed laugh sound. He finds fart noises to be quite amusing, so he, cousin Xander and uncle Timothy should get along quite well.

Why does this wonderful, can't get enough, period in the child-bearing process go by so fast, and pregnancy had to linger on forever!?
PS - Updated swimming pictures 2 posts below...


Maggie said...

I agree it goes to fast at that stage! Giggles are the best, huh? A few things ... love the swimming pics, and the quality is quite impressive (well done Matt). 2nd, well, I don't remember my 2nd. Oh yeah - not to brag, but Aiden just walked today. If you think the first few months flew, just wait!

Maggie said...

I meant to say 'too' fast. Contrary to belief, my brain does still function.