Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Mommy Moment" Numbero Uno

It was bound to happen. Even my Human Behavior and Development course in medical school mentioned the fact that new mothers tend to be forgetful, disheveled and distracted. Of course, as I do with most things, I assumed I was immune to this phenomenon. Wrong.

So, after a couple hours of baby clothes shopping, I decided to grab dinner from Fazoli's (never have I been more appreciative of drive-thru restaurants than when my purse turned into a baby carrier and diaper bag!) There were probably 9 cars in line and I felt it worth the wait, Brock had other things in mind. He did not enjoy lying in the motionless 4runner and began to get upset. As I tried to console him with a pacifier, I also tried to stay up with the car in front of me, only half-assedly paying attention. Before I know it, I get to the pick-up window. The guy tells me "11.81" and I gladly hand over 12 bucks and a penny. Still trying to keep Brock from screaming, I wait patiently at the window, only to become very confused. I absolutely do not remember rolling down my window and ordering food at any point. A ton of paniced thoughts run through my head - I remember reading the menu, and sitting in front of the speaker, and talking to Leah on the phone about what we wanted to order, but nope, I never talked to a Fazoli's employee about it!

When the guy finally gets back to the window, I try to think of the best way to tell him that I am a complete idiot, and paid for the people's food in the car behind me. How on earth did I manage to do this!? My previous lack of stupidity must have built up and turned into one huge, astronomical, can't make up this stuff, moment of brainlessness. Needless to say, he had no idea what to do (because I am sure this has never happened to him before) and he has to get the manager. Finally, after 11 minutes, I watched the clock, I got my money back, and drove off in shame. Though they offered to let me order, I was not about to make the now endless line of cars wait any longer. So, Leah and I enjoyed some tastey Boston Market, where there was no line, instead.


Susan Woessner said...

erin o'laughlin I love you for stories just like this.

Margaret said...

very funny!!! great post! I probably would have just taken whatever food the other guy ordered because I wouldn't want to wait for the food or explain myself!

Maggie said...

Histerical.. I thought you were going to say you let off the brake while reaching back and coasted into the car in front of you. I can't tell you how many times I have almost hit someone doing just that.

Your 2nd mommy moment - you have some of your links twice on the side of the blog... tina and lova :)