Monday, February 9, 2009

Heathen No More

What better way for Matt and I to celebrate our 8 year dating anniversary than to save our child from purgatory? Brock received the sacrament of Baptism on February 8th at Visitation Church. It turned out to be a day filled with tradition. Visitation is where my 2 brothers and nephew were baptized and where Matt and I were married, as well as my grandparents. Brock was baptized by the priest that baptized Matt and married his parents. And the award for most impressive trans-generational item goes to the baptismal gown! So, if you are wondering why we put our only son in a dress and bonnet, here's why. We figured out that this garment dates back at least 90 years, if not more. It was worn by Matt (and all his brothers and cousins, minus 2), his mother, and his grandfather. As for the bonnet, it is an Irish tradition, and it becomes a handkerchief to be worn on Brock's wedding day - if he has one.
I say "if he has one" only because after this blessed day, it seems Brock may be destined to priesthood for two reasons. The first: in a photo taken during the ceremony, all people look normal, except Brock, who is completely illuminated, glowing if you will. The explaination could be that he was the only one dressed entirely in white, and also the only one small enough for his full body to be in a sun spot, but I prefer the holy-er of the two options. The second: he was fussing throughout the entire procedure, except when he was being directly looked at or touched by the priest. Coincidence?
The day ended with a reception at our house. We discovered our houses's maximum occupancy to be roughly 40 people. Thank goodness a good handful of people decided to skip out on the tastey food and drinks, I am not sure where we would have put even 2 more individuals. (We will begin accepting applications now for an invitation to his 1st birthday party...)

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