Saturday, February 27, 2010

About Me

I have had this saying posted on my "About Me" section in blogger for a long, long time. I love it. It is such pure and simple truth.

"There's a strong correlation between being happy and (1) being basically in control of your own destiny; (2) being physically healthy; (3) being happily married; (4) living in a country where there's opportunity."

Often times, I don't even realize how out of balance my life has been, until it gets back to that perfect point, where I can honestly say the 4 listed items are true. I am generally an extremely happy and satisfied (though not lacking drive) person, so when things are "bad", they're never to a concerning point. When I think back to the times in my life when I was most miserable, one or two of these items were most definitely out of check. The year after graduating college comes to mind as the hardest year yet. It was the most physically unfit I had ever, ever been in my entire life, and I did not feel in control whatsoever of my own destiny. I was applying for medical school for goodness-sake. My fate lie in the hands of board members who didn't even know me. I was with Matt, and though we were not engaged or married, I feel #3 was as good as it's always been! And #4 is unchanging, as I have always lived in the same part of the same country.

Currently, as I have been loving rotations, realizing I have chosen the correct career path, running and working out pretty regularly, I feel that balance restored again. I didn't know it was off kilter. But I guess it was. Having a baby during medical school left very little time (or motivation) for exercise. And I did feel "right" for quite a while after Brock. I have no idea when that feeling left, probably a slow leak. But now, when I go out for a jog, all I can think about it how truly happy I am, and how I can't believe I let myself get so out of whack. My mood is so stable, and I have some patience, again. I wonder if the people I am around daily notice the slight change? Because though the way I am describing this change in feeling may sound drastic, it is really more like a hanging picture that has slipped a little to the left, and only the most trained eye might catch it.

*I do want to clarify, I do not think you HAVE to be married to be happy, but if you are married, it does HAVE to be happily.

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