Monday, February 8, 2010

The Ultimate Cake

Perhaps my favorite element of our wedding, besides maybe the photography, was the cake. It not only turned out flawlessly beautiful, extravagant and exactly what I wanted in looks, but it tasted like a cliche. Otherwise known as: a little slice of heaven. And you don't have to take my word for it... perfect timing to celebrate our 3 year anniversary on the 10th, TLC aired "The Ultimate Cake Off: Top Dogs", and included in the line up was non other than Cheri. Matt and I's cake lady! Officially, it is her son Mike running the show, but she is the original. During the show, you can earn extra time by winning the taste challenge. **SPOILER ALERT** Guess who wins the taste test, judged by experts?? Mike & Cheri. Therefore, if you attended our wedding, and ate our cake, you experienced a nationally acclaimed baked good (click on the link embedded in this sentence, and our cake is actually shown on the TLC video at 1:33 seconds).

I may never be on television myself, but I am fine living vicariously through others...first "The Bachelor" now "The Ultimate Cake Off", (and I guess I should throw in a shout out to my Toma friends in the Papa John's Superbowl 2010 commercial at :27 seconds) what's next!?
I know, I know, so rude of me to tease you with these delectable images...but I can't physically post food. Trust me, I would if I could.

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