Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Story of the Stomach Flu

[WARNING: Not for those with a weak stomach.]

Once upon a Monday morning, I dropped Brock off at daycare. The daycare provider informed me at that point that one of the babies had vomited, and the mother was on her way to get her. Big deal, I thought, babies throw up all the time for no reason.

Thursday morning, I wake up to get Brock and discover him standing his crib encrusted with vomit. His hair was sticking up, plastered by the dried up, regurgitated garlic chicken dinner. His bed was just covered in it. Giraffee and Bunny Foo Foo, coated. Thankfully, for me, it was all dry, but for him, that meant he slept ALL NIGHT in a vomit-filled crib! How did that not disturb him!? Gross, Brock. Anyway, I proceeded to stick him in the tub and the bedding in the wash. Still, I didn't get concerned. I assumed his dinner just didn't sit right, considering his lack of fever, or change in behavior.

Saturday morning, a bit after midnight, I wake up and start vomiting. I'd had a couple margarita's and thought, there is no way I am getting sick from those drinks, but that was my only theory. I get back into bed, waking up Matt and telling him that I am not sure I was vomiting from drinking too much, it might be something else...

...2 hours later, I hear him up in the bathroom. And that confirms my suspicion: nope, it wasn't from drinking, it was the Stomach flu! And, I will quit the descriptors there, it just gets monotonous, disgusting and sad.

Why document this seemingly normal week in the life of a family with small children? Because I have NEVER had the stomach flu. Ever. I kind of always thought it didn't really exist. That some people just have weak stomachs and ate something that didn't "sit right" which caused them to be puking and pooping at the same time, all night. I have no childhood memory of every bathroom in our house being occupied by someone getting sick. It didn't happen. We Smith's have iron stomach's. That is until now...but these days I am outnumbered by O'Laughlins's. I had no chance. I will say, my symptoms quit quite a bit before Matt's. (Though I was harboring a fever, which niether of the boys ever experienced. Fair trade, I'll take a temperature in exchange for less barfing and diarrhea-ing...)

24 hours later, we have all bounced back. The end.


Maggie said...

I am halfway through reading this and thinking... yippee, maybe you're pregnant again! Then you write that matt made a trip into the bathroom, and that threw my entire hypothosis down the puke filled, flu germed toilet. Darn.

Lisa said...

So glad you're over it! I can't believe you've never had the stomach flu! I get it at least once a season, but I chalk it up to my students infecting me! Have you done your peds rotation yet? Just wait! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh god - a year ago my house went through the same thing. Riley threw up once and then that night Matt and I spent the ENTIRE night with it coming out of both ends, sometimes simultaneously. Just like your Matt, my Matt's lasted a few hours past me. I feel for you, I really do. I'm glad yours was over in 24 hours - no one should have to endure longer than that!