Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Little Things...

...are what make us all unique.
In a nutshell, I describe Brock as an energetic, curious, confident, stubborn, ticklish, funny little showman. An extrovert, no doubt. As for the expanded version of Brock? Well, see the novel below...

As I have said before, while I was pregnant with Brock, I told myself I would not be one of those mom's that walks around thinking their child is smarter, more advanced, better coordinated, cuter, etc than every other child. Well, that is impossible. It is impossible because I see all the little, adorable, hilarious, amazing things he does everyday. So, to me, he is absolutely smarter, more advanced, better coordinated and cuter than every other child.

I don't witness other 14 month olds rolling the Kik Step over to the exact right spot next to the counter, climbing up on top of the stool and reaching for the Russel Stovers chocolates they apparently witnessed their mother placing next to the coffee pot. I didn't expect kids that young to be able to develop those kind of problem-solving skills, I always underestimate him. And how do they instantly identify candy!? Even candy they have never tasted or seen before? Brock will not eat anything blindly, except candy. You have to restrain him, find a moment when his mouth is open and stuff a tiny piece of whatever food you are introducing, so he can taste it and see that he wants more for just about every food product. But drop a Hot Tamale, and bam, no hesitation, straight in the mouth (for about 10 seconds, then the eyes start watering, and surprise, surprise, the candy is back out of the mouth. Then wait, back in the mouth, then get the idea.)

Yes, according to texts on child-rearing, he has always been dead on, or perhaps ever so slightly ahead of said "milestones", but when put in that regard, he is not unique. Tons of children hover in that position, about half of children are a bit advanced; and the other half? A bit behind...hello, that's how they create an "average".

But no book told me he would be able to discern between dried blueberries, cherries and cranberries, as well as decide he only likes the cherries. Or that he would be able to pick all the chocolate chips out of a chocolate chocolate chip Otis Spunkmeyer muffin. Or that in an attempt to order the dogs around, he would begin to change his tone and the sounds he makes to create a language no one understands, niether man nor beast. Then proceed to grab their collars and lead (drag) them where ever it is he feels they need to be, since, seemingly they are ignoring his commands. Or that suddenly he would be able to go down the stairs, feet first, on his belly, faster than he was ever able to go up them. Or that if you forget to push in a table chair, he would be on it like white on rice, and the dining room table would instantly turn into a platform for dancing? walking? crawling? (Not real sure yet what is going on when he gets up there.)

My current favorite idiosyncrasies? When one of us goes upstairs, Brock seeks out the other parent, insistently takes their hand and leads them to the baby gate. He wants upstairs, and at this point, thankfully, the only way over the gate is with the assistance of an adult. He helps feed the dogs by taking handfuls of Tater's food out of his bowl and tossing it about the floor - Tater prefers to eat off the carpet. Seriously. Related to the Kik Step event, I think it is so cute, though perhaps bratty, when he brings me a food item, hands it to me, then points where he would like me to set some for him to eat. And, perhaps the cutest part? The place he points to is always the same place I last gave him that food item! Whether it was an hour ago, or 4 days ago. His sippy cups have about 4 assigned places throughout the house. So, maybe I should add anal or compulsive to the "Nutshell list"? Lastly, anytime you ask him a question beginning with the word "where", he always responds by mumbling and putting his hand, upturned in the air, as if to say, "I don't know, where is it? Guess we have to go find it." Ahh, love it! And he gets on his rocking horse on his own. And the "uh oh" phase has begun. And he colors on a Magnadoodle. And he puts shape blocks in their right hole. And he rubs his cheek against the fuzzy chest of the bunny in his Touch and Feel board book. And he dances to any and all music.

Don't get me wrong, he has some vices. He never stops moving (especially while being changed), throws tantrums related to food, and will not stay out of the trash or recycling. He even helped himself to some old Christmas candy I had thrown away to replace with Valentine's conversation hearts. All of the little trash cans in all the rooms now sit atop TV's, or dresser's or desks, not quite my decorating style, but it will have to do for now.

The list could probably go on, but the subject to my story has just risen from his nap. I can hear him in his crib talking to Giraffee. I thought no phase of development would have more change than those first few months of life; boy was I wrong. He has never grown and changed faster than right now. Don't blink.

Over and out.

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Susan said...

Smitty you are a killer writer. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Evenmore, though, what a great history you are creating for you and Matt (and Brock!) to look back on. I can't wait for him to read these when he's 12 or 15 or 30 and be like "damn straight I bossed those dogs around" :)

Miss you!