Sunday, February 14, 2010


For our 3rd anniversary, we basically did 3 things (and didn't spend a penny - if you don't count gifts). What a coincidink! On the actual night of our anniversary, the 10th, we exchanged gifts before heading to Jasper's for dinner. I, in keeping with the "traditional" 3rd anniversary gift, gave Matt a pair of leather Puma tennis shoes. He gave me a 5th generation 8GB iPod Nano. He always out-gifts me!! [But I absolutely don't mind.] Dinner was paid for by a Christmas gift certificate from the MO'Laughlin's, therefore, we went all out...bottle of nice wine, salads, fancy entrees, and the rarest item of all, individual desserts. All quite excellent examples of Italian cuisine.
The next event on the schedule was dinner on Saturday the 13th at Oak63 - a Southern French Bistro. We got a free 4 course meal, and all the wine our little hearts desired in exchange for Matt's photography services. They had a Cellist; beautiful. We tried pâté for the first time; okay. And had the best Filet Mignon ever; amazing. Not to mention I got a glorified hot fudge sundae made with Foo's custard dessert! Mmmm. I also decided that night that I am quitting school to become a food critic - they get to eat like this on a regular basis!?

We then moved on from dinner to our hotel room at the Sheraton on the Plaza. This I won at a silent auction almost a year ago, so I guess I did pay for it at one time, but it felt free, and it was a steal. We had a nice relaxing night, without the concern of baby, woke up when we felt like it, and ate the brunch included with our stay. We then arrived home just in time to give our cowboy pajama'd son a kiss before he took a 2 hour nap.

Thanks to all the grandparents who made these events
possible. I cannot even describe how nice it is to leave for the evening and not have to worry one bit about the safety of well-being of your child.


Ashley Hall said...

What a fun weekend! And nice idea for the leather gift.

Maggie said...

Happy belated anniversary! I'm so jealous about your babysitters, soooo jealous.