Sunday, February 26, 2012

George. Is Loved.

I was kind of sad for my third child. Not only is he a third, which by nature makes it seem less exciting, but he was a third BOY. Old hat by now. I don't need boys clothes. I don't need baby blankets. I don't need stuffed animals. I really don't need anything. I couldn't help but notice as I left the hospital, that poor little George did not receive one single gift. Just because I don't need anything, doesn't mean George wouldn't like some things of his own. Even I had bought only one new baby item upon finding out about this pregnancy (oh wait, 2 items, one was for a girl though.)

But slowly, the gifts and visitors have been rolling in. I am relieved. I want my boy to feel as special and loved as he is. I know, he's a newborn, so who cares about material things, but one day he might. In fact, Brock's Giraffee and Curtis' Blanky Bears are items that were gifted to them - one from Magra and one from Mimi. And those boys CANNOT sleep without their lovies.

My sweet George is loved. We love his squeal of a cry. We love his snorting, and snoring because of his tiny little nostrils and big round neck. Can a newborn have Obstructive Sleep Apnea? He still has me guessing at night. We have had a couple nights of waking up once to eat and fall right to sleep. A couple nights of snacking all night. And a couple nights in between. We love that he weighed 10 and half pounds at birth, but lost a pound and gained an inch and a half by his first doc's appointment 3 days later. (He was quite swollen at birth, and they must not have been able to stretch him out properly).

Lastly, I love that he is already making a little identity for himself. He will not just be the 3rd boy. He will be unique, and interesting. He will keep me on my toes. He will make me happy.


Lisa said...

This post makes me happy! I struggled with having a second girl-- I wanted everything to be as exciting and memorable, and for our little one to feel as loved (without the older daughter feeling neglected). It's crazy how there just always seems to be more love to give. So gone to hear that everything is going well, hope you get lots of "rest" before heading back to work!

Lisa said...

And by gone, I mean good. :)