Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lots and lots of sighing.

I cannot wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait for this baby to arrive. I think my whole little family can't wait for this baby to arrive. My already on the short side temper is constantly boiling just beneath the surface. And maybe I was having an extra pregnant-looking day, but every. single. person. I even had the potential to make eye contact with had something to say, ask, or express to me about my huge belly. The "when are you due?" question I have gotten over. I just simply state, "3 weeks". Which these days, is often, annoyingly, greeted with "you're not going to make it that long, honey". And the, "any day now, huh?" type questions have got to stop. Because it is not any day now.

And, you know what? Most likely I WILL make it three more weeks. The same things that makes me a "cute pregnant person" are the same things that keep these kiddos in there. My body doesn't seem to mind pregnancy. I don't swell up. I've only gained 20lbs. My blood pressure does not increase. I don't have contractions (lots of braxton hicks). The baby is still rolling around, un-engaged. I don't think I have ever "dropped". 3 weeks from now, I will most likely be scheduling an induction to avoid going 2 weeks overdue and having a 12 pound baby. Yes, with Brock, my water broke 4 days prior to the due date, but, guess what? I still wasn't in labor. I still had to go through the whole induction process to get him out of there; 27 hours after my water broke. Curtis was induced, completely. My body is capable of birthing these kids, it just doesn't care to. Ever.

Though, comparatively speaking, this pregnancy has been far better, symptom-wise, than the other two, I can't say it has been less demanding. Working long hours, chasing around and lifting 2 kiddos and all the laundry and cleaning and dishes that go with them has done me in. I can't even pretend to be comfortable. And I HATE to complain, out loud to people. And I am a really awful liar, possibly even incapable of doing so. (People get the impression that I am pompous because I am always saying I can do anything...but they fail to notice the times when I admit I could never do something - like become an actor, singer, performer of any type.) I prefer to give the impression that I am happy and life has never been better at all times. Because, honestly, if I stop and look at it, I am happy, and life HAS never been better. There is a saying, "If everyone were to throw all their problems out into one pile, you'd grabs yours right back". I truly agree, I know I am blessed. I love my life. And that, my friends, is why I must resort to blogging. So, I can express my true feelings thoroughly, so as not to give the wrong impression. And to save Matt from a little bit of big, uncomfortable, pregnant-wife whining.

From here on out, just don't ask me how I am doing. I don't want to lie. And I don't want to whine. Just know, I will be happier with the kid on the outside. And, let's get real. It's pretty apparent from my ragged, worn appearance, and the constant sighing what my answer to that question is anyhow. I know you all have the power of observance, use it.

Let's hope my next pregnancy update will be one with a picture of a newborn included...

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