Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your shirt's on backwards.

Yesterday morning, I actually, kind of, got dressed for the day. Instead of walking around in pajamas, I put on a regular shirt...still sweat pants though. I was kind of proud of myself. And kind of uncomfortable. I had to keep adjusting the shirt, and pulling it down away from neck, and making sure it was still covering my not quite as large, but extremely flabby belly. Matt takes one look at me and says, "Is your shirt on backwards?"

It was. I knew it didn't feel right! Thank goodness, I was beginning to freak out that I couldn't wear normal clothes anymore. I switch it to the right way, and tell Matt, "Oh, this is only the beginning..." Let the "Mommy moments" abound. He just laughs at me, and tells me I am ridiculous.

Later that day, while Brock is at school, we take the other 2 littles out for lunch and to an Estate sale. As we wander through the house, me with the 5 day old, and Matt with the 15 month old, I hear a little old lady start talking to Matt. I am in the adjacent room, so I can't fully hear the conversation, and frankly, I don't care to, but I hear something about "Brock". I then hear Matt agreeing with the old lady that it is a "strong name", and "unique". So, I poke my head into the room and say, did you just say he was Brock (pointing to Curtis). And Matt looks at me, confused, and says, "Yes. He is Brock" (pointing to Curtis). I kind of start laughing, and say, "Really? That's Brock?" And at this point, I am sure the old lady is wondering whether or not she should notify the authorities, because a young couple has apparently stolen a couple of really cute babies, and can't even keep their story straight. Matt, still looking confused, starts to again repeat that he was, in fact, holding Brock, until he noticed I had teeny, weeny, baby George, who certainly, is not Curtis. Light bulb.

At this point, I cannot contain my laughter. Not one bit. And Matt tries to explain things to the skeptical old lady, who I forgot to mention, asked me if we stopped by on our way home from the hospital upon seeing the newborn. Ha. And he thought I was ridiculous for putting my shirt on backwards...

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Cat said...

Seriously can't stop laughing. Alice is looking at me funny.