Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mommy Mobile

You don't have to tell me all the perks of a minivan. That's why we got it. In fact, the only reason we got it. It definitely wasn't for it's high class, or good looks. With three kids aged 3 and under, it's the only thing that makes sense. We can slide the 2 captain's chairs side to side, leaving room for Brock to get in and out to the backseat. I can easily reach in to buckle him up back there. We can move the now middle captain seat forward so I can easily reach my soon-to-be, brand new crying baby without swerving all over the road. The DVD player has convinced my 3-year-old that he is in a transportable movie theater. There are more drink holders than one could possibly need. There is a back up camera, and mirrors throughout. There are sun guards, so Curtis doesn't need to cover his face with Blanky Bear all the way to daycare. With the push of a button the doors open. In essence, it's almost as if it has given me a third arm.On top of that, it has seat warmers. Leather seats. Navigation. XM radio. A hidden 6 disc CD changer. Separate heating controls for the driver, passenger and rear end. On the inside, it is a luxury vehicle. It makes my life just that little bit easier. How can I not like it? I do, I guess, for what it is. I am a logical person, if we were going to get a new car because of the third addition, then why not get the one that makes the most sense. And honestly, I love ANY car more than the Buick.

So, maybe it's not so much the vehicle itself that I don't like, but the connotation of a minivan. I think Matt can happily, and confidently drive around in a mini because people see him and think, "Oh, someone's on mom duty today". They assume he is driving MY car. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a mom. In fact, I often find myself thinking, "will I ever get to the point where I say, absolutely no more kids, no way." Even when we decide our family is complete, I feel like I would be ok with an "accident" for a long time afterwards. But just because I LOVE being a mom, does not mean that is how I identify myself. I am me. I am a mom. A wife. A doctor. A daughter. A sister. A coffee lover. An ice cream lover. A puzzle doer. A million things. Which all just make me, Erin. In the minivan, I am just mom. I lose my own identity. This is really the best way I can explain it.

Yes, in many ways, I am ruled by my children. But I never feel that way. I think overall, I am in control. Buying a minivan, was purely because of my children. Without them, I would never even consider it. Never. There is no denying it anymore. Mom is my over-riding identifier now. And this mini makes that obvious to everyone.

There you have it. I don't hate the car. I just don't want to be judged by it.

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