Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blue Steel

Like Zoolander, Tater has some issues with turning left. And by issues, I mean, he is INCAPABLE of doing it. Every morning, when we head downstairs to go outside, instead of taking an immediate left at the bottom of the staircase, which is roughly 8 feet from the back door, Tater sprints through the hall, the living room and then the dining room to then exit from the kitchen. I'd stay he more than quadruples his footage. Sometimes I try to stop him when we get the the bottom and shove him into the kitchen. This completely disorients the poor fellow, and he honestly is confused as to how to get to the back door. Generally he turns a few right circles and figures it out, but every so often he gives up and sprints out of the kitchen to make his usual lap. One day, perhaps he will figure out how to become an ambiturner, but until then, he remains an idiot.

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