Friday, June 11, 2010


Because I LOVE Summer so much, especially the pool, I felt this was a great time to do a "then & now" type comparison. One year ago, Brock could only sit, and perhaps crawl a bit (but Prairie Village pool is a bit rough on the knees) while he longingly watched the other little children walk around and play. Now, though timid about the water at first, he can keep up with whomever he chooses. Unfortunately, 18 month-olds have a really hard time with the concept of "walk". And, he doesn't quite understand that a quick fix to burning feet on hot cement is to just step in the pool. I have no doubt he will pick up on these things by mid July. (And I thought he had a lot of hair back then...)

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Lisa said...

Isn't it crazy what a difference a year makes! We aren't getting a pool pass this summer... not sure how much I'd use it after the baby comes... but it'd be fun to see you and Brock at the pool sometime!